Moxon Rectangle Generator

MoxGen will show you the dimensions and (optionally) generate an antenna model file for a 50 ohm Moxon Rectangle antenna, given the design frequency and wire size. The program is based on an algorithm developed by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL.

For an overview of this antenna see the Cebik article The Moxon Rectangle: A Review. If you are interested in the details of the algorithm used in the MoxGen program see Designing Moxon Rectangles by Equation and by Model.

For dozens if not hundreds of examples, pictures, how-to articles, and an active message board visit the very popular Moxon Antenna Project website. (If that site is not available here's an archived copy.)

Download a zip file containing MoxGen (20 KB).  Runs as a stand-alone program, does not require Excel.  Free.

Important: If you see an error message about "COMDLG32.OCX" being missing or not correctly registered you should download the MoxGen with OCX package (315 KB) and follow the install notes found in the ReadMe file.

If you see an error message about "MSVBVM60.DLL" you will have to install the complete Visual Basic runtime library. This is a large file so I don't keep a copy on this site. You can get it as part of the now free EZNEC program.

Norton Anti-Virus users: You may see a warning concerning WS.Reputation.1 and/or Download Insight. This is not a virus detection. You can restore the download file from quarantine if necessary and then manually scan it to assure yourself that it is virus-free. For additional information and instructions please see here. If you would rather wade through Norton's corporate response, complete with the latest boardroom buzzwords such as "the wisdom of crowds" and "cloud-based intelligence" see here or here. And if you are curious as to why this is so frustrating for small software developers such as myself please see this article by a small company with whom I have personally done business.