A Moment of Your Time, Please

If you have the EZNEC antenna modeling program you may be interested in AutoEZ, an Excel application which allows you to use variables to control diverse aspects of your model. You can then run multiple EZNEC test cases while AutoEZ automatically changes one or more variables between runs.

So what does that have to do with MoxGen?

The MoxGen program will calculate the dimensions for your antenna and can also generate a model file. You could open that file with AutoEZ, change the ground type from Free Space to Real, assign a variable to control the height above ground, run multiple test cases at different heights, then "watch the movie" of the way the radiation pattern changes as the height above ground changes.

For example, here is the elevation pattern for a Moxon Rectangle designed for 21.200 MHz. Variable "H" is being used to control the height above ground with values (in feet) ranging from 20 to 60 as shown in the lower right corner of the frame. Notice how the pattern shape, gain, and take-off angle change as the antenna is raised.

(Press Esc to stop the animation, F5 to restart.)

To learn more about AutoEZ click on the banner below. That will open a new browser window so you can read about the program at your convenience without any further interruption on your way to the MoxGen page.

Automate EZNEC with AutoEZ

Thanks for your time!

Dan Maguire, AC6LA

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